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The Henday Association for Lifelong Learning is recognized as an organization that changes lives through providing learning opportunities in connected communities throughout Red Deer County.


The Mission of the Henday Association for Lifelong Learning is to:

  • Address education, training and learning gaps in the communities and area within Red Deer County.

  • Provide opportunities for learners to acquire important foundational skills.

  • Provide support to learners, assisting them to transition to programs and services that will help them meet their learning goals.

  • Help solve individual and community problems through learning initiatives, in coordination and cooperation with related organizations.


Our Team:


Donna Arnold - Executive Director

Carol Lee Lowe - Programmer/Admin

Sherry Driezen - Literacy Programmer


Sylvan Lake:

Brenda Eaton - Programmer


Our Board:

         Shelley Sauter - Board Chair

         Colleen Hayden - Past Chair

         Jean Kaiser - Secretary

         Lauranne Hemmingway - Board Member

         Marilyn Walker - Board Member

         Chris Leonard  - Board Member

         Pat Bidart - Board Member


For detailed programs offered at the Sylvan Lake Henday Learning Center click on the Sylvan Lake Tab on the Menu at the top.

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