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The Program provides coaching and mentoring to adults to help you or someone you know to achieve their personal learning goals, which could include:

  • Improving their English skills

  • Learning how to read or write with confidence

  • Improving their math or numeracy skills

  • Learning how to use a computer

  • Being able to perform daily tasks such as banking, reading labels, filling out documents, etc.

  • Creating a resume, getting a job or improving workplace skills

  • Preparing for G.E.D

  • Talking to their child’s teacher or helping with homework​

  • Developing and Increasing their skills for learning to set and achieve their learning goals

  • You can start at any time.

  • Set goals that are right for you.

  • We assist you on your learning journey ~ celebrating your progress.

  • There is a yearly $20 learner fee (subsidy available as required)

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